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move out cleaningHouse Cleaning Melbourne has worked with property managers, landlords and other realtors for over 25 years and we know what they need.

Most landlords and commercial properties want to make units rent-able as soon as possible. Every day a rental is vacate costs money. We contract with many Melbourne area commercial properties units rent ready for various reasons. Some contract all their cleaning needs to us, some contract just the difficult projects. Whatever the project we know you want it as clean as can be. Whether it is one unit or many, when you need quick move in cleaning, we get them ready to rent FAST.

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Occasionally a tenant will be told by perspective landlord that if they take the unit “as is” or pay to have it cleaned they can move in sooner. Sometimes property managers or landlords will agree to having happy woman cleaningcleaning expenses deducted from rent or deposit. We can make your home or unit ready for occupancy today.

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Basic Move In Cleaning Package Includes:

• Inside windows
• Carpets Vacuumed
• Mopping
• Dusting
• Remove cobwebs
• Tub, toilets and sinks

In addition to the Move In Cleaning package, House Cleaning Melbourne routinely contracts to perform the following services:

• Steam Clean Carpets
• Outside windows
• Outdoor walkways

Hotline: (03) 8672 3248

Move Out cleaning, End of Lease Cleaning and Bond Cleaning

When the time comes consider using House Cleaning Melbourne for your next move out cleaning. Covering all the little details for end of lease cleaning can be overwhelming when you are in the midst of all the other stressful things happy cleaning ladya move entails. We understand what landlords need at end of lease cleaning; they need to see the unit as ready to occupy. 25 years of experience in the Melbourne area has made us expert bond cleaning professionals because we know what local property owners and managers want. Our superior cleaning personnel will help you obtain the highest possible refund of your bond posted as a deposit with your landlord or property management company.

All personnel at House Cleaning Melbourne undergo vigorous background checks including criminal history and employment history. Additionally every single employee is insured by our business liability insurance for your protection.

It matters not if you are landlord or tenant, for quick move in cleaning or thorough move out cleaning call House Cleaning Melbourne for the best in the business. We will help you get the biggest percentage of your bond back with the cleaning you need in the time frame necessary. We accept commercial as well as individual contracts anywhere in the Melbourne greater metropolitan area. No job is too big or too small.

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